23 - 04 - 15

Help Us To Dress Brighton City Centre

Kid’s from Sussex were invited to enter a competition to have their artwork displayed in Brighton City Centre as cross street banners.

Over a number of weeks children from across Brighton were invited to to design their own banner under the brief ‘Welcome to Brighton’. The winning designs were then displayed throughout the city centre from May to September above Western Road and North Street – with the opportunity to be seen by millions. There was space for over 90 designs with each winner having his or her name along with their school.

Entrants were free to design whatever they liked, as long as it was big, bold and showed the essence of the vibrant city by the sea. The only caveat was that the designs must be seen from the street, so the bolder and simpler the better.

Entrants were asked to think about what makes Brighton great: Do they love the Lanes? Or maybe they prefer the North Laine? What’s their favourite tourist attraction? What hidden gem do they adore? Do they love the city for being environmentally friendly? Do they love it because it’s modern or because of its history?

CONGRATULATIONS to all the entrants, there were some wonderful designs this year which continue to be enjoyed by Brighton's residents and visitors.

The main project sponsors joining Identity were Brighton Juice 107.2 and Brilliant Brighton.