17 - 02 - 16

Spotlight On: Graphic Design

Identity as a company is split into a number of departments, and this month’s spotlight on article focuses specifically on some of the members of our graphic design team – the unsung heroes of Identity who are involved in almost every project yet rarely come into contact with the end users.

Graphic design encompasses a range of diverse expertise that can range from print based art-working, digital graphics, web design, typography and illustration. As a result, the design department’s tasks can vary from the creation of a simple business card right through to bespoke exhibition stand concepts, retail signage and high-end branding for an entire building clad.

Creative Director Nick joined the company in 2014 after a 10-year career at a Brighton based design agency, starting as Junior Designer and quickly rising through the ranks to finish in a director’s role and looking after his own team of designers. Prior to this Nick had worked in Harrogate after completing his degree in graphic design at Leeds University. His goals at Identity have been to elevate the design flair across the entire company while maintaining a balance between impeccable design and commercial awareness. Nick keeps a close watch over all of Identity’s creative output – whatever you see, you will always know he has cast his expert eye over and injected with his unique attention to detail.

Abigail joined the company in 2014 as a Graphics Artworker. With a lifelong passion for all things art and design a career in creativity was inevitable. Entirely self-taught, Abigail spent a number of years working freelance in London before deciding to move to Eastbourne and persue a more permanent role. As part of her job she plans to attend college in order to achieve an official qualification in graphic design to further develop her career. Her role at Identity has quickly developed from setting up print-ready artwork to holding her own within the creative team.

As the newest member of the team Gary has taken over the helm of Studio Manager. This is a challenging roll that encompasses all aspects of the day to day running of the design studio, including workload management, carefully matching all briefs according to each designer’s skills and ensuring that all work is delivered promptly and to deadline to the relevant people. Before securing his position at Identity, Gary spent six years heading up large web design and ecommerce projects for the UK’s largest book wholesaler, focusing on both the front end interface design as well as the back-end coding (having knowledge in both HTML and CSS). Prior to this Gary spent many years freelancing in illustration and graphic design after an apprenticeship as a traditional sign writer.

This exciting collection of talented professionals really forms the backbone of the Identity brand, fusing the various departments together while maintaining a commitment to fulfilling the needs of Identity’s impressive portfolio of clients.