05 - 02 - 14

Launching the New Centro Lock-In System

Centro Locking System

The Centro portable modular display range has been extremely successful due to the ease with which clients can assemble the robust systems themselves. Until now we have provided a locking system secured with the use of a single hex key. For the past few years we have been working to eliminate as far as possible the use of tools for assembly, whilst maintaining the strength and durability of the locks. Our aim was to enable the wider use of modular display systems by making them more accessible to the end user.

The Centro RotrLink twist and lock technology maintains the strength of the product whilst allowing the client to assemble the system, predominately by simply twisting and locking the components together. The quality of the materials used to manufacture the locks means that any Centro Modular system can be assembled and dismantled again and again without the use of tools whilst maintaining its strength for long term use.