even concrete won't stop us! - 03 - 02 - 15

Street wrapping

Identity have been perfecting working with calendered PVC film coated with an aggressive clear acrylic adhesive for nearly 2 years now. It is designed for outdoor sidewalk and parking lot floor graphics and sticks to flat or slightly rough pedestrian traffic surfaces like concrete and asphalt.

Street Wrapping

Our street wrapping helps our clients exploit new sites to display their messages such as trade shows, retail outlets, public buildings, schools, convention centres, sport and entertainment venues.

It also allows sign makers and event organisers to make safety and directional signs more visible at an acceptable price.

The outdoor durability of graphics printed is three months for pedestrian traffic on smooth surfaces, when protected with  Protect textured overlaminating films that exceed ASTM D2047 norm for slip resistance.


Pictures (left - London Dockland, NIG Experience / Right - Portas Poilot, Town Regeneration)


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