14 - 10 - 19

5 Essential Steps To Take When Looking To Update Your Signage


The most obvious question you may be asked about your decision to change your signage is ‘why?’. This really is the most important step, you must know why you’re doing it and the science behind it. Has your nearby competitor recently changed their signage leaving yours looking old and tatty? Is the message clear as to what you provide? Do you need to target your audience in a better way in order to be more profitable? Or are you going as far as to rebrand your company to enhance your reputation? The ‘why’ will then naturally lead you onto your next four steps.


When changing your signage, it’s really important to consider your brand as a whole and how you’re viewed by your customers. You’ve got to be sending the right messages which communicate who you are as a brand to both current and new customers. If you’re changing your signage through lack of customers and think just by getting something new but in the same style as the old sign is the solution then perhaps your brand is the problem! Changing your brand is a huge decision to make, but always one worth considering when outlaying money on the expensive changes to your business, such as signage. Remember that if you do decide to rebrand the business and open the shop with a new sign and brand, consider having a launch, it’s the perfect way to reveal to a mass market! You can read Identity’s Managing Director’s blog on why you shouldn’t be afraid to rebrand for more information on rebranding.


It’s essential to consider your budget. For most businesses, this will determine what they can and cannot have outside their shop. Very few people have an unlimited budget and therefore must be sensible with what they’re going to pay for their signage. But when you think something looks expensive on paper, it’s important to remember that your signage is your ultimate advertising tool. It’s there every single day, rain or shine, letting potential customers know where you are and what you can do for them. If your new signage costs you £1000 and is up for a minimum of three years, it’s essentially costing you less than £1 a day in advertisement – as well as making your shop look more appealing!


This may be dictated to by your budget, but an illuminated sign can be eye-catching 24/7. There are varying options of illumination, all of which can be effective. If you’re wondering whether it’s necessary, consider what time you open and close, does your business do more trade in the winter when it’s dark far earlier?

There has been a switch in recent years from using fluorescent tube lighting to LEDs, which come with a 50,000-hour guarantee and often encourages people to spend that bit extra for illumination. If you don’t need the sign to be illuminated like any of the above, a trough light is a smart option and can illuminate a whole sign, rather than sections or cut out logos. Trough lights are also a great option if you’re happy with your sign, but want to give it another dynamic. Finally, in the last couple of years, solar panelling has become increasingly popular with exterior signage. For products such as totems, where the panels can be placed on top and hidden from sight, it’s a great way of offsetting the costs of the sign over time by not having to pay for the electricity – you can even set the timings the illumination kicks in!


When a customer has seen something they like, has a clear mindset and brief of exactly what they’re after, it is a big advantage when looking to update your signage. Identity’s in-house design team love nothing more than a client who really has a vision for their project and can provide as much detail as possible as to what they want. However, our design team are more than experienced enough to help with signage design should you be a little stuck or want to see something inspiring before you make your decision. To get you started, it’s worth thinking about colours, fonts and the message you want to send to your target market. As for the best piece of advice we can give for a shop sign – less is more! If you have a large space to fill, this doesn’t mean cram as much info as you can on there, Identity will help you utilise this space to its full potential. Call the office today to arrange an informal chat about your signage.