13 - 03 - 18

5 Simple Ways To Make Your Signage More Social

People love feeling connected to one another and social media plays a huge part in that. The most innovative companies have recognised this and are replicating this emotional connection through the integration of social media and signage. This has resulted in companies being able to offer their audience an immersive and personal experience like never before.

Here are five essential tips that you can take to ensure your signage makes your audience feel closer to your brand.

1. Include Only Your Top Social Media Platforms

When showcasing your social media outposts on your signage you should only select the platforms that are your most popular and active. This will likely include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. If your customer takes the time to visit your social media pages you want to reward them with rich, newly-updated content. Few things leave a more negative impression of a business than an abandoned or infrequently updated social media profile, especially if it's being actively promoted - it's like getting invited to dinner and finding out there’s no food!

In addition, make sure your signage is up to date as old social media icons or logos from expired networks will immediately age both your signage and (by association) brand.

2. Use Hashtags

By now, most people are familiar with hashtags. Put simply, they are a selected word or collection of words proceeded by the # symbol (for example: #signage). Hashtags are a dependable and frequently used tool for helping to build brands and attract audiences in connecting around themed content.

Creating a branded hashtag will bolster your company across your social sites and can help define you as a business. When creating a branded hashtag, make sure they are unique to your business (#JustDoIt may be taken!) Furthermore, hashtags can’t be too long or overly-complicated as you will want people to easily remember them and be able to input the hashtag correctly.

When using a hashtag on your sign be mindful not to use something that will quickly become obsolete. If you need to use a temporary hashtag (for example, for an event), consider the use of a sticker or similar overlay, ideally seamlessly blended with the rest of your branding.

3. Have A Clear Call To Action

It's very easy to assume that people will always do what you want simply because you've added some information to your signage. While this is an essential step, actively giving people permission to engage with your social media platforms, use your hashtags and spread the word will dramatically increase your return on investment.

In short: tell people what you want them to do on your signage with a clear call to action. A great example of this is the signage used at the popular ICEBAR LONDON.

And how about this very innovative (and deceptively simple) Pinterest campaign from Nordstrom? By showing you what others are Pinning they're essentially telling you what you need to do - as well as making the item a lot more desirable!

4. It's All About Positioning

So: you have your brilliantly-designed sign. Your social media platforms are well displayed and you've included a great hashtag. However, none of this will be truly effective unless your sign is well-placed and not blocked by other objects, or hidden away in a less-than-ideal location.

It's very annoying to discover (after the fact) that all the information to enter your social media competition was obscured by a table or chair, and encouraging people to tweet a picture of themselves enjoying one of your famous cocktails becomes redundant if they can’t see the sign because it’s been placed in the darkest part of the bar. Take the time to carefully plan out the positioning of all social signage so everything is easy to read and digest.

5. Train Your Team

Finally, you need to train your team so they can speak knowledgeably about the social elements if asked. This could include the correct spelling of the branded hashtag or the right Twitter handles and Facebook account name. Furthermore, make sure they have an understanding of how to explain how a live hashtag feed works. It won't look good if a customer wants to know how they can see a photo they uploaded and your staff don’t know where to direct them!


Social media has empowered companies of all shapes and sizes to connect and engage with customers, prospects and fans, and by incorporating the tips above into your signage you can benefit from this positive branding and what is essentially a free, 24/7 marketing opportunity (certainly on permanent branding). Contact Identity to learn more about how we can implement your social signage strategy today!