21 - 01 - 16

Creating A Consistent Branding Message In Your Office Space

We are all used to seeing instantly recognisable brand logos, but how many of us understand that their impact is due to strict guidelines which control colour, font and even size? Large corporations spend a huge amount of time and money making sure they are portraying themselves in the right way, in the right place and to the right demographic. They understand that a consistent brand message can make your company stand out from its competitors, and an SME can follow this strategy to help it punch above its weight.

The best place to start this branding is in your office space. This will not only give impact for visiting clients, but will also focus your staff on the core messaging you wish to get across. Identity can design, print and install full colour self-adhesive wallpaper to any area in your office space. If you have separate departments within an open plan office maybe you’d like to define the areas with full wall images or text? Depending on your type of business, this can also help foster a feeling of teamwork or even competition. These don’t have to be boring and informative signage (our MD’s office is floor to ceiling forest), they can be creative and fun whilst keeping a theme which is in line with how you want others to see your company. Although the images can be widely different (and with printed wallpaper the only limit is your imagination), by using the same font type or accent colour you can create a cohesive brand in all areas.

How about your office reception? It’s very easy to walk through the same area every morning and not see it as it really is - try looking at your reception or waiting area through the eyes of a new visitor. The first thing they see when they enter your premises must have an instant positive reinforcement that they are giving their business to the right people, and it’s important to continue this throughout the office. Whichever industry you’re in, whether you want to show that you’re fun and exciting or sober and serious, it’s vital that prospective and existing clients buy into your branding message.

If you don’t know where to start, or have very strong ideas on what you would like to show, talk to our Creative Director who is guaranteed to come up with a branding message that is perfect for your company.