14 - 01 - 16

Harnessing The Power Of Commercial Signage For Your Business

Throughout the world, a vast array of different techniques, colours and graphics are used in business signage. Signs have to be bold to catch the eye of passers by. However, if your business is trade or wholesale, or located on a business park, then having a large illuminated sign isn't really going to attract new business, as there is little or no footfall.

Often when businesses are located on industrial or business parks then it is essential that a sign is easy to read and looks professional. First impressions are everything, so when a potential customer pulls up outside your premises, a tired, outdated sign is not going to entice them.

There are various ways to make your signage look professional and some of the techniques we use for our clients are listed below:

  • Lettering on a white background always looks easy to read
  • Incorporating silver or stainless makes the sign look high end
  • Avoiding lots of bright colours together which ‘cheapens’ the sign
  • Selecting a typeface that is clean and easy to read
  • Excellent design

We use various techniques and fabrication methods to further enhance the signage such as:

  • Extruded Lettering
  • A mixture of texture palettes (gloss, Matt, satin, 3D textured)
  • Illuminated and backlit signage using low power led
  • 3D built up letters
  • Block colour vinyl
  • Digitally printed vinyl

If your business is located on the high street then this is where brand recognition, eye-catching design and signage innovation is king. How many times have you walked past a shop on the high street and not known what they sell? The answer is very few, if any.

High street stores and stores in shopping centres tend to have a fantastic signage and wayfinding arsenal, including halo LED illumination, custom laser cut aluminium built up letters, industrial styled steelwork and even exposed woodwork. The list really is endless.

At identity, we strive to be at the forefront of commercial signage, and with customers such as Eurotunnel Le Shuttle and Coffee Republic, our branding capabilities and product innovation and quality have to be top notch. Our designers work closely with our 3D designers to come up with creative solutions for commercial signage on a daily basis, ensuring that your brand is king.