24 - 03 - 16

10 Tips On How To Avoid Common Signage Mistakes

Taking into account design, materials, lighting, installation, dimensions and more besides, signage can be a real minefield. After all, you want to do it right and do it well! So here are some areas to think about to help avoid common signage mistakes.

Less Is More

To have a 2sq. metres of blank wall space above your shop is an exciting marketing prospect. After all you've got a logo and strap line to feature. Oh, and the 10 different services you offer. And don't forget the email, website, phone number, address and photo of the shop cat.

Whilst this may seem like a great opportunity to tell the world everything about your business, is it really the best use of the space? Ask yourself what you want this signage to achieve and realistically how long you expect to hold the attention of your audience. Filling every inch of space with detailed information is a sure fire way to stop potential customers giving your sign a second glance.

Successful signage makes use of negative space (or white space) around typography and graphics to help lead the viewer's eye around a design. Less is definitely more. It equates to a simpler, classier sign, so think carefully about what you really want to say and the location in which you are saying it. For example, there is no point in including the fine print to your returns policy when the sign is 12 ft up a wall.

The Price Is Right

Who doesn't love a bargain? Nothing beats the feeling of making a purchase that doesn't leave a dent in the bank balance, but as the old adage goes, you get what you pay for.

Quality design will stand the test of time and add prestige to your business. Quality materials and workmanship cost that bit more because generally they equate to a longer lifespan and nicer looking end product.

That being said, there is always a place for cheaper materials - e.g. temporary signage, or if it's likely to get damaged or vandalised. However, if you're getting a fascia for your new seafront café you've spent thousands on, it's worth investing that little bit extra and doing it right.

Making The Most Of Your Brand

Signage for your business should be in keeping with your existing brand - after all it's a precious thing. Throwing any old font and clip art on to a new piece of signage can be cheap looking and at worst damaging to your business. Consistent, clear branding on all of your signage and business assets shouts quality and care.

Take time to supply high-quality logos and assets when creating your signage order. The final product is only going to be as good as the quality of the assets used to create it. An image copied from the internet might look good on your smart phone, but blow it up 30 times the size and put it on the side of your van and it's going to look like a pixelated nightmare.

A Beacon In The Dark

So you've gone for the 3 metre, powder coated aluminium tray sign with stand-off, fret cut lettering covered in gold leaf. A solid investment and it looks great! You couldn't be happier... until the sun goes down that is and all of a sudden the stunning new fascia for your restaurant disappears into the shadows (along with your beaming smile).

Don't underestimate the significance of quality lighting. Well made signage will come to life when properly lit and will help it stand out from the crowd. There are plenty of options available, to fit all budgets, just don't forget to factor it in when making your purchasing decisions. On a gloomy Midwinter's day it may just be the difference in grabbing the attention of a passer-by.

Sparing Some Time For Those In The Know

At Identity we have a wealth of experience when it comes to signage. If we weren't such a modest bunch, we would probably call ourselves experts! It's always worth talking through a job with us before committing yourself to and idea you just can't let go of. It's not that your ideas are going to be dismissed, it's just we've endured the awkward projects and problem solving so you don't have to.

Our knowledge in all aspects of signage from design through to installation means we can give you the correct advice when it comes to choosing the right type of sign for your needs and budget.

We don’t bite and love to share our passion for signage and design, so don’t hesitate to drop us a line or pop in and see us!

Summary: Identity's Top 10 Tips For Better Signage

1. Keep your signage to the point. Don’t overfill it with unnecessary information.

2. Use negative space to draw the viewers eye to important information, don’t be tempted to fill every space available.

3. Consider the location and context of your sign and have it designed accordingly.

4. Don’t be tempted to go cheap just to save a few pennies - quality materials and workmanship are often worth the extra bit of expense.

5. Keep it inline with your existing branding for consistency and quality.

6. Supply high-quality logos and assets - pixelated web images won’t look good!

7. Don’t forget lighting for your sign and factor it into your budget.

8. Speak to professionals and consider all of the signage options available to you.

9. Proof and proof again. Make sure the details are correct and avoid costly reprints.

10. Get in touch with us at www.signage-printing.com at let us help you find the perfect signage solution!