10 - 03 - 15

Preparing For Your Exhibition Tips

Plan Ahead

When booking a stand at an exhibition you generally do this at least weeks, months or even a year ahead but yet we so often we get calls very late in the day for products needed for the stand. This could be for the banners, roll ups, promotional products or business cards. Try to set yourself a deadline of ordering your items 6 weeks in advance. This then leaves plenty of time to get everything right, produced and delivered to you.

Ensure you know the size of your stand

Make sure that you know the actual size of your stand before you order anything to go on it. If a stand is 2m x 1m, you will not fit on a pop up stand sized 2 x 3m. This may sound obvious but people cannot always visualize the size their actual stand will be. Try measuring out the space in your office and working out what you want to do with the space.

Think about the design of your stand

Bright colours, simple and easy to read text will all help attract visitors to your stand. Ensure your stand makes it obvious what your business is all about. All items on your stand should reflect your brand – collateral should all match and have the correct logo on and be the correct colours.

Have enough marketing collateral

Running out of cards and brochures is a big no-no! Ensure you have plenty of business cards, leaflets, brochures for the show. If you have not got enough, order them in plenty of time. A show specific flyer can be a very cost effective solution and can be a good way to measure show success.

Think about promotional items

Word gets out if you have an alternative giveaway and this will drive visitors to your stand. These keep your Company name at the front of peoples’ minds and people like receiving freebies. Many people give away pens, stress balls, key rings, phone skins, mugs, sweets. Small items that people can carry with them always work the best. You do not want to be bogged down with too much to carry when you are visiting a show.

Clothing and Name Badges

Ensure all members of staff who are manning the stand have a name badge and corporate clothing. This always makes you look professional, prepared and friendly.

Invite people to your stand

Spend some time thinking about who you would like to visit your stand and send e-mails to these people to invite them. This can be prospects and existing clients as well as potential suppliers.

Make sure you are in the show guide

All exhibition and trade shows have a show guide. Make sure you have an entry which is more than just your name and address. Something concise and informative about what you do, can help get visitors to your stand. It also will help those who keep the show guide, as a potential supplier directory.

Ensure you know how things work

How many times do you get to your exhibition stand with the equipment to put up and find you do not know how to use it? Practise beforehand to ensure you do not have the stress and worry on the day. We are happy to help you with this by showing you how it works when you buy.

Build up and break down time

Most events have an allotted time for you to build your stand and break it down again afterwards. Ensure you have staff booked in to do this rather than having the stress of trying to get the stand ready on the day. Do not start breaking your stand down and packing away until all visitors have gone. This looks really bad and makes you look like you cannot wait to get away.