02 - 11 - 16

The Signs We’re Most Proud Of: Anglian Showroom

For the next chapter in our “The Signs We’re Most Proud Of” series, we’re featuring the signage at Anglian's new flagship showroom. For many years Identity's Events division has delivered Anglian’s exhibition stands. So we were more than happy when Identity was tasked to design, supply and install four bespoke signage for the outside of their new showroom in Norwich.

With the building being an ex-car dealership and having a glass-fronted showroom, it was extremely important that the new signage complemented the excellent internal works. The choice to adopt a gold theme was unique but represents Anglian as a brand as they are the market leader in window replacements fitting over half a million products every year.

After surveying the site and determining the best way to approach the signage and install, Identity began work on an unforgettable project.

The signs themselves were sized and placed to take advantage of the unique shape of the showroom without being too overbearing. Made completely bespoke, the powder coated tray signs had CNC cut out logos as part of their design – an effective way to add some class to any sign, giving it another dimension.

To avoid any additional works to the building, it was decided to suspend the signs from the roof overhang, away from the windows. This is a really innovative way of installing a sign of this size and style, as these would usually be applied directly to the substrate – which was not an option in this case. The challenges of this project, however, did not stop there.

Keeping the whole project under wraps was important as Anglian wanted to roll out the new showroom and signage in one, with the signage being the final part of the install – on a cold winter’s night. If you could pick the worst possible conditions to be installing a 5m x 2m sign 5 metres high, this was it – with wind and sleet throughout, by the time the install was complete, 3 inches of snow had fallen!

Former installation manager turned project manager Tom O’Niell said, “I’ve worked in some adverse conditions in my time at Identity, but the Anglian install still remains the most difficult. With snow blowing into your face and hands freezing, you just had to grit your teeth and push on. You can look back now and laugh about it but it’s something I’m proud to say I was involved in.” Tom has most definitely has earned his comfy chair in a warm office now!

As well as Tom, Anglian’s Head of Marketing only had good words to say and congratulated Identity at the launch party. He stated that the bold use of gold really stood out among other brands whilst still being sympathetic to the existing building design and not completely taking over as well as a special mention for the effort of the guys on site.

Identity has continued to work with Anglian on their events and exhibitions while also providing them with multiple stands for their marketing teams who travel around the country.