07 - 12 - 16

The Signs We're Most Proud of: Eurotunnel

Being a creative company, Identity are asked to create bespoke products and projects on a daily basis. Eurotunnel’s brand and marketing teams are one of Identity’s key clients, not to mention one of the most demanding when it comes to innovation.

As Eurotunnel are an international company with a massive campus in both the UK and France, it gives them more opportunities than most other companies to advertise its services to existing and potential customers.

When thinking about Identity’s favourite project at Eurotunnel, it’s very difficult to pick just one. Identity has created various bespoke building wraps for Eurotunnel, from toilet blocks to the terminal building roof in France. Not to mention the fully illuminated frontage to the terminal building in the UK and custom built arches with dog bones coming off the sides!

One project that stands out in particular is the design and installation of digitally printed vinyl and Contra Vision to eleven manned and unmanned booths around the campus in France. This was an important job for Eurotunnel as they felt the booths had become run-down and shabby looking during the 20 years they have been there. The customer experience team also felt that the booths appearance didn’t convey the right message to passengers and so Identity stepped in to refurbish them.

Our team of surveyors took detailed photos and measurements of each of the booths, while simultaneously figuring out how the graphics would look once installed. It was also important to take into consideration where the corners of the building were and the location of any doors or windows. The information and preliminary drawings were compiled and translated by our experienced design department, who created plan drawings and design templates for each of the booths. The designs were then superimposed onto photos of the booths and sent to Eurotunnel, in conjunction with the plan drawings detailing the graphics layout. Brand consistency forms a key part of our relationship with Eurotunnel. Across each project, we ensure that colours, font and logos remain consistent and conform to a comprehensive set of brand guidelines.

As previously mentioned, there was a total of eleven booths that required refurbishment, some in worse condition than others. Remedial work was also carried out prior to the vinyl wrap application. One of the booths was a very run-down, tired, corrugated building that has seen a lot of action over the years. There were dented and loose panels, including windows that were falling out. These were assessed by our surveyors and included in our install schedule. This particular building was clad in aluminium composite prior to wrapping, to provide a flat, even surface - a three day installation for one of the buildings.

The whole project took around 3 months to complete, from the initial visit to the final trimming of vinyl. Tom O’Niell, one of our Identity’s talented Project Managers said, “This was a great assignment to work on and the end result looks great, even 3 years on!”