10 - 02 - 15

Tips for During Your Exhibition

When you have spent time and money on making your stand look good, you want to ensure you get the best out it.  We have come up with some tips to help you ensure that the show goes as well as possible.

Event Tips


No one wants to talk to you when you look grumpy!

Don’t sit down behind a desk

You are much less approachable.  Stand up and be ready to engage with passers by.  If you can get them on to your stand, others will follow like sheep.

Rotate staff on the stand

It helps when staff are rotated to keep them fresh and gives everyone a chance to look after different areas on the stand.

Don’t eat on the stand

Make time to go and have your sandwich at the café and take some info with you as you never know who you might sit next to!

Don’t stand around talking on your mobile phone or texting

It looks like you don’t really want to be there and puts people off coming to talk to you.

Don’t all huddle round in a group

It is intimidating for one visitor to come on a stand where all staff are standing around in a big group.

Know what you are talking about

Ensure staff are trained up on the product or service you are promoting and selling and have forms to take details from the people that they meet and greet.

Be creative

Set up a competition or special offer or give your audience something they weren’t expecting – this will help attract people to your stand and is a great way of collecting information on people visiting the show.

Offer refreshments

This always attracts people if they know they will get a cup of coffee or something to eat.  It also keeps visitors on your stand so you can talk to them and find out more about why they are at the show.

Take people’s contact details

This will ensure you can follow up with them after the show and will help you gauge just how many leads you have generated…it will always be more than you think and gives an accurate measure of the success of the show for your organisation so you know whether you met the right kind of people for you.

Make time to walk around the show yourself

See who else is there and what they are doing. You can get some great contacts this way and it’s a great chance to see how others position themselves in the market.

Have something to attract people

An interactive display, technology, special guests, entertainment or an activity will attract more visitors

Plan your pitch

Prepare a 30 second sales pitch for your visitors.  Something concise and interesting to elevate their interest in what you do.

Promote your business

Do this before, during & after the exhibition – create a buzz around what you offer.

Follow up

This is the most important part of the whole show. Email as soon as you can after the event and aim to speak to the hottest prospects within 2 working days.