Experiential Branding

Experiential Branding for the Aegon Tennis Championship

Devonshire Park is Eastbourne's oldest tennis park and has hosted the Lawn Tennis since the 1870's. Over time, the park has been used as a local tennis centre, as a site for a number of Davis Cup ties and as a venue for the Aegon International event since its inception in 1974.

Featuring 13 courts and situated in the heart of Eastbourne surrounded by trees and gardens, the park is only minutes away from the town centre and seafront, making it the ideal summer setting for this international tennis event.

The annual tournament is attended by world class tennis players and VIPs from across the world – requiring world class branding.

Over the years Identity have been responsible for the Eastbourne City Dressing which includes the manufacture, project management, installation and removal of freestanding flags, cross street banners, printed hoardings, lamp post banners and PVC banners.

Dressing a town safely

2014 saw the hottest June since records began in 1880, boosting Eastbourne’s foot-fall with swathes of visitors.

This increase in visitors meant that we had to install all branding overnight to avoid disruption and safety concerns.

Case Study Fact


of PVC banners were used to brand the Championship

Case Study Fact

22 Stadiums

22 sporting stadium wraps were completed by Identity last year

Branding The Event

The branding was completed smoothly in a 48 hour period and received recognition from The Lawn Tennis Association as well as thousands of visitors and residents.

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