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The Channel Tunnel is one of the biggest engineering projects ever undertaken in the UK. Although tunnelling began in 1988, the 31.4 mile tunnel wasn't officially opened by the Queen and the French President until 1994. In the 20 years since its inauguration, 330 million people have passed through the tunnel.

Identity have a long and established relationship with Eurotunnel (tunnel operators) and have been providing marketing services to the organisation for a number of years.

Eurotunnel Terminal Buildings

The terminal buildings in both the UK and France are now over twenty years old and as such are starting to show their age. Identity were contracted to give many of the buildings a facelift using graphics.

The building, which is over 20 metres long, turned out to be a giant jigsaw puzzle! With over 80 separate panels and pieces, this was a challenge for our production team. Everything was pre-fabricated (to reduce time on-site), carefully checked for colour matching and then packaged and transported with the production team ready for install.

The installation itself took three days and was completed by a team of five. Eurotunnel is extremely happy with the result.

20th anniversary of the tunnel's grand opening

2014 saw the 20th anniversary of the link’s opening and this has been an extra special year for Eurotunnel. Identity’s branding teams have been actively involved in suggesting ways to brand the two busy terminals with the 20th anniversary logo – manufacturing and installing thousands of metres of bunting, countless building wraps, flags and hundreds of metres of vinyl to the terminal and security buildings in both the UK and France.

Taking the Lead on Graphics Installs

With careful planning and execution, we avoid any disruption to staff and passengers. We work day and night to ensure that services are maintained and our customer’s message is communicated in accordance with a strict branding schedule!

Security Buildings Branding

To bring the look of the security search buildings in line with the lift that the rest of the Eurotunnel terminal has had, Identity have developed and installed this eye-catching design.

Eurotunnel Toilets

Digitally printed wallpaper, LED mood lighting and the imaginative use of framed pictures created an award winning toilet area for Eurotunnel.

Eurotunnel Pets Area

Identity have been working with the team at Eurotunnel on their ongoing quest to promote the enhanced Pet Facilities at the UK Terminal, as well as providing Dog Poop Bag Dispensers for the marketing team.

Since the Pet Travel Scheme began in 2000 over one million pets have travelled with Eurotunnel Le Shuttle. Your pets stay with you in your vehicle for the short 35 minute crossing to the Continent, it's no wonder Eurotunnel Le Shuttle are market leaders for pet travel...and were featured on a recent Sky documentary.

Identity and Eurotunnel have done everything possible to make the channel crossing as easy as possible for pet owners and it is no accident that Eurotunnel are market leaders for pet transportation in Europe.

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1 Million

Pets have already travelled with Eurotunnel Le Shuttle, 71% of the pets entering into the UK choose Eurotunnel Le Shuttle, well their owners do…

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