Victor Hugo Station

Eurotunnel Toilets

The most frequent place visited by most users of a building is the washrooms. This is why Eurotunnel wanted to impress passengers with the creativity of the Toilets in the Victor Hugo Lounge.

A Range of Options

Identity provided Eurotunnel with a few design concepts in a presentation demonstrating the proposed look and feel of the lounge after completion of the dressing. After a few revisions, we had artwork approval and a 2 week window to produce and install the graphics!

Dress to Impress

Eurotunnel approached Identity with a brief to dress the toilets with the Eurotunnel branding and to demonstrate the company’s history while maintaining places Eurotunnel connects.

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+1km of Wallpaper!

This project used a variety of different materials and techniques to challenge the curves and nature of the building; over 1km of digitally printed wallpaper, 10 clear acrylic plaques of many different shapes and sizes.

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Award Winning

In 2013 Eurotunnel won Loo of the Year award which was based on the standard of cleaning, maintenance & design of the toilets

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