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Parker Steel, Shoreham Warehouse Signage

Parker Steel began a tender process in 2014 for the manufacture and installation of building signage for their warehouse located at Shoreham Harbour. Founded by John Parker in 1904, their warehouse in Shoreham has the capacity to unload 5,000 tonne ships of bulk steel straight onto their steel stockyard.

Our client required replacement signage for the south and north facing elevations. The south facing elevation faced onto the English Channel with just 15 metres and a mesh fence separating the building from the harsh weather conditions of their sea facing location.

The signs have been manufactured from 3mm aluminium trays with built up aluminium letters applied to face. Each sign was 12 metres in length and 2.5 metres high with tens of thousands of LEDs to illuminate each individual letter.

The installation was completed by Identity’s experienced installation team

The signs were installed at a height of 18 metres using a combination of cherry pickers, scissor lifts and a scaffold tower for the internal elements. Each 15 metre sign was fabricated in five sections, bolted together using 316 grade stainless steel fixings.

Challenging Locations

Identity were responsible for creating a signage solution that would not only withstand the test of time but the corrosive sea air.

Brand Visibility

Parker Steel stock a minimum of 40,000 tonnes of steel at any one time with deliveries to site arriving by ship. So in addition to fabricating a durable set of signs, the client also specified that the signs must be visible to passing ships and traffic across the other side of the harbour, therefore the total length of each sign exceeded 15 metres and included LED illumination.


The manufacture of the large powder coated tray signs with built-up letters and illumination was completed in ten days with only five days allocated for installation. The signs were fixed to the steel work of the building using specially made steel plates – the sheer size and weight of the sign meant that the cladding of the build was not enough on its own to support the sign.

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each letter of the “Parker Steel” is over 2 metres in height!

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it took 6,000 LEDs illuminate each 12m long sign

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tonnes of steel delivered every day to businesses across the UK.

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