Folkestone, 2017

The AA Shop Refit

With the relationship between Identity and Eurotunnel growing daily, Identity were approached by Eurotunnel and The AA to carry out the refit of the flagship AA store within the Passenger Terminal Building, at Eurotunnel in Folkestone.

The AA has been around for over 100 years, originally forming in 1905 and has a membership base of just under four million. The company provides a premium breakdown service throughout the UK and in recent years has expanded its service offering to include travel advice, driving schools, finance and insurance.

The AA store within the PTB in Folkestone is the only store that the AA have in the UK and is an essential part of the Eurotunnel experience for many passengers. Offering advice and information on driving around Europe and beyond, as well as being the prime location to purchase any last-minute essentials before passing through the tunnel, thousands of travellers pass through the store every year.


Due to refurbishments within the terminal, the AA were to relocate to another part of the building and a much smaller store therefore they approached Identity to come up with new layouts and designs. A main factor was that they wanted to ideally re-purpose as much cabinetry and assets produced originally and integrate them into the new designs, along with new signage.

Restoring Assets

Identity set to work measuring up all the existing assets in the old store, establishing exactly what could be re-used and what items would have to be reproduced.

We managed to repurpose approximately 80% of the units into the new store designs, which was a substantial saving for the project.

The Cabinetry

Inside the store, slat-walling with low level cabinetry features predominantly throughout. All of the cabinetry was re-used from the old store, allowing for hundreds of products to be on display, with ample storage underneath. Bespoke glass cabinetry was produced to house some of the higher value items such as Sat Nav units and travel computers.

A New Counter

After speaking to the AA staff and receiving great feedback for what they would ideally like in the new store, we provided them with a front counter in their preferred layout. The counter was produced in two sections with a swing door and hatch, thus allowing for the unit to be compact and not to take up too much floorspace, which was key in the smaller store.

New Retail Signage

Identity produced new exterior signage with a 6m wide backlit Halo illuminated LED tray sign and two smaller pillar signs, all in the trademark pantone reference yellow of the AA. A mixture of block-out yellow vinyl’s and powder coated RAL tray signs made up the frontage of the store, a real standout within the terminal building and visible from some distance away. Colour matching block colour vinyl and powder coated metal trays was difficult, but through trial and error and many samples, a perfect match was found.

Customer Feedback

The shop launch was a great success with live Facebook feeds, giveaways for Eurotunnel customers selected through Eurotunnel ticket sales, and an increase in sales directly after the launch. We managed to open the store more than a month ahead of the schedule which was a huge benefit to The AA and Eurotunnel.

Neil Brewer, Marketing Manager for AA Media said;

“The end result is superb. Eurotunnel are very proud to show of the new shop as are we.”

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