Interior Branding - an office or showroom is an important part of any business, offering an opportunity to communicate your brand and messaging to visitors

Identity can design and print a variety of products for offices, showrooms and other corporate spaces. Examples include; digitally
printed wallpaper, bespoke displays and acrylic plaques, high impact wall art, acoustic printed canvases and bespoke units such
as desks. Our manufacturing team uses a combination of glass, wood, canvas, metals, plastics and vinyl to keep each interior
project unique, professional and eye-catching.

Internal branding can be used to communicate your brand, core values, vision and achievements to staff, visitors and customers.

Identity's interior branding team will manage your project from site survey and creative design to complete office fit-out
with expert project management underpinning the entire project. Get in touch with a member of the team for more details.

What we do

bespoke desks and structures

digitally printed wallpaper


vinyl graphics

displays and bespoke signs

custom wallpaper

Do your walls look boring and uninviting? Could you use this space to educate visitors on your products? Digitally printed wallpaper is an eye-catching and memorable way to communicate a message.



Not only do we design and implement award-winning interiors for our clients - we’ve won awards for our own offices too!


Do you need a clear idea of what the end product will look like? Look no further, we can create prototypes of any solution in advance of the install.

high-impact wall art and displays

Available on a variety of materials such as glass, paper, canvas and metal, enhancing any working environment

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