Sales Signage & Hoardings - leading supplier and installer of building hoardings, flags and flagpoles, scaffolding and building wraps, with a service which is underpinned by site accredited safe-working installers

Eye-catching, creative artwork is an impressive way to brand a building site or new development. Whether final artwork is
printed to flags, hoardings, mesh banners or vinyl wraps - each looks just impressive as the other.

Whatever the project our experienced team can guide you to the most appropriate products, with sampling and prototyping
to ensure your site or development stands out from any others. From a single flag and flag pole to a kilometre of hoardings
Identity will have a project manager with the knowledge and experience to deliver.

Our teams are fully up-to-date on local council, highway and site health and safety regulations
and our teams are fully trained to work safely.

Advertising Space

Using your hoardings to advertise your development or services is a great use of what would be wasted space and an eye sore. Here at Identity our team of designers can work hand in hand with clients to make the most out of this low cost advertising space!

Ivor Goodsite Awards

Are you part of or consider yourself a considerate contractor? Here at Identity we can work hand in hand with both yourselves and third parties such as local schools and the community to bring your hoardings to life! More and more contractors are now entering the Considerate Contractors Scheme Ivor Goodsite Award for hoardings, which encourages developers and contractors to engage with local stakeholders to develop designs for their site hoardings, here at Identity we can help your entry stand out!

Are your retail premises temporarily closing?

The use of hoardings over closed shop premises lets potential customers know what is happening to your store, the customer can then be informed of re-opening dates, offers and any other promotion required.

Use Flags to Wave & Shout

The use of flags on your development really draws in the eyes of potential clients, let them know who you are and what your doing!

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