Vehicle & Fleet Livery - from a single vehicle to commercial fleet, Identity have proven expertise in the design, production and installation of livery and branding offering a fast and reliable service

Identity continues to invest in technology and machinery at its production facility in Sussex in order to maintain the
highest standard of production and fitting for our customers. Livery can be applied at our premises in our dedicated
temperature-controlled vehicle wrapping bays or alternatively we can come to you.

Our teams use the best quality materials for application complete with manufacturer guarantees. With templates on
file for all makes and models of cars, trains, lorries, boats and buses - we make the whole process pretty seamless.

We use the very best materials on the market to ensure our customers receive the very best service.

Premium quality

We use the best quality materials for application and offer a guarantee that the vinyl will look brand new for many years to come. Our vehicle wrapping team are Hexis-approved fitters and take personal pride and care with every vehicle wrap we undertake. Our reputation for quality puts us at the forefront of the industry making us a one stop shop for your livery requirements.

Specialty Films

Do you require a specialty film such as reflective, fluorescent, chrome, etched, ContrVision (perforated vinyl) or magnetics? We stock all of these plus many more. We have experience working with the emergency services and recovery services and have deep knowledge of Chapter 8 regulations.


Can't visuals your design ideas? Our team of cenceptual designers can take your project from brief to final design, including protypes so you know exactly how the finished product will look!


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